11 August 2008

2 and 1/2

Natalie, this past weekend you turned 2 and a half. Although you've been acting this age for a while now, it's wierd to think you are now closer to 3 than 2. So many changes are in store for you soon, most noteably school starting in a few weeks. Funny to call nursery school "school" since you'll only be there 4 hours a week, but still, it's school. You'll have a teacher and you'll learn things like how to behave in a group, how to play better with others, and we're really hoping your listening skills improve greatly since you pretty much ignore most anything I or your daddy say. We're kind of not sure how to handle that. I do know that if I make you look at me, you'll listen a little better, the problem is you know when you don't want to listen, you are really really good at avoiding eye contact at all costs.

As usual, your vocaublary and verbal skills leave most people astounded that you are only two and a half. You told me the other day "Mamma, I growing up be a big girl. I going to have big roo-roos like mommy!" Your latest saying is "I don't think so!" when you disagree with something. You are talking in paragraphs most of the time, and I find you babbling more now than in the recent past. I think this is because you know a LOT of words, yet you've realized there are still some words you don't know, so you make them up. It's definitely more pretend-words than nonsensical babbling. Regardless, it's adorable. Makes me want to just eat you up.

You've also discovered a love of diving. A while ago we happened to catch a snippet of olympic diving trials on tv. Since then, you'll run and leap into your paddling pool, or slide head first off the couch, and call it diving. With the olympics on now, we've been watching a fair amount (tough luck, kid, you come from a swimming family) and you will half heartedly glance up at the swimming or gymnastics and could care less about any sort of team sports, even beach volleyball, a sport played in one of your favorite substances on this planet. But as soon as we point out that diving is on, you stand transfixed, eyes wide, mouth open with corners curling up into a wide smile. Should we be worried that you are fascinated with the concept of throwing oneself off a high platform, doing a few flips and twists in the air and landing in the water? Probably. Instead, I guess we need to get that water safety down and start teaching you the difference between a tuck and a pike. I have no problem with you being a diver. It's like dancing or gymnastics, but without all the body image issues.

You still drive me crazy from time to time. Or 23 out of 24 hours a day. But those moments when we can just be, reading a story, playing together, sharing a meal - you continue to melt my heart even more than before. You are turning into such a smart, loving, caring little girl, it makes me so proud. I love you my sweet Natalie.

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