12 August 2008


I have some money coming my way for my first freelance graphics job...don't know how much it's going to be, though. It was my old old boss, who retired 2 years ago from government and took a position in the private sector. Now he's leaving that job to start his own consulting firm. He needed a logo, knew I was somewhat creative, and called me up. Happened the same week I had finally installed my Adobe software. So I didn't want to charge him an hourly rate because I knew it would take me way longer than someone who already knew the software, but I was also psyched because it was a great first project to do where I could learn a bit while I went. So, money coming, don't know how much.

However, I've narrowed my spending choices down to 3 things. This was after deciding I'm spending the money on something I want to spend it on and not just depositing the check in the general household fund like every other penny I earn. Choices are:

#1 - a new tat (been wanting a celtic cross - like the one in the stained glass at the front of our church where we were married - just above the inside of my left ankle. Not to mention that whole potential trying to concieve thing in the fall, which would mean 9 months + 2 years breastfeeding before I could get it)

#2 - new Doc Martan's. Yes, I still wear Docs. Got two pairs on overstock.com when I was pregnant of sizes large enough for my bloated and sore feet - black t-straps (cute!) and brown slides (super cute!). Wear them all winter. Come on! I went to high school at the height of grunge. It's in my blood. Not to mention wicked comfortable. Anyway, I've been really sad since Natalie's pregnancy that my classic 8-eye black boots no longer fit (I grew out of most of my shoes, which I gave away, thanks to my feet growing a whole size). Haven't been able to get rid of them yet, but I'm thinking I need to stop pretending (or trying to be what my husband thinks I should be?) I'm some sort of preppy grown-up who shops at banana republic kind of person and just by myself a new, bigger pair.

#3 - an Elsa Peretti for Tiffany's necklace for my mom. It's a sterling silver apple pendant on a silver chain. Mom collects apples. When she graduated college someone gave her a glass apple paperweight - an apple for a teacher. She's graduating this summer with her master's in music education (thesis and orals are over, just waiting for her diploma!), and this would be the PERFECT gift for the 6 years of hard work she's put in doing this degree while teaching full time, dealing with my asshat brother, and my ill grandparents (her in-laws). I'm so proud of her, I'd be happy to spend my money on this gift for her.

Now, to decide....


Jen said...

I vote for both the shoes and the apple pendant.

(Perhaps the apple pendant now, and the shoes after the next freelance gig.)

Can always save up $ for the tat.

btw - doc martens are superb shoes! I mean come on, they're WORK SHOES. I still mourn that the elastic holding the buckle onto my pair of PURPLE docs wore out.

Katie said...

i think the docs win. i'm going to need them this winter. i'm still trying to work on my dad about the necklace for mom...it would be the perfect gift from him more than me, but he's working so much right now he can't think straight. i think we may end up going halvsies on it.

in the shoes i got rid of due to feet growing a size were the green suede low-top docs i had had since high school...sad to say goodbye...