08 August 2008


I have a soft spot in my heart for the Olympics. The last time they were around, opening ceremonies were on feb 10, 2006. "Wow, what a memory!" you're thinking. Actually, I remember that because I was in the hospital, with a barely 24 hour old little creature in my arms, delious from lack of sleep, a c-section, an overcrowded maternity ward burdened because of an impending snow storm, and the damn IV that they couldn't take out yet so I could shower. We watched the opening ceremonies, me from my bed propped up with pillows cuddling a teeny little Natalie, and Jim on the couch with a hospital blanket half asleep.

We watched a lot of those winter Olympics - I was feeding Natalie every 2 hours (combo of pumped breastmilk and formula) and pumping every 3. The next week I weened a newborn off a bottle (learned my lesson for fictional next time around) and now had what my friend Alice refers to as a boob-tick. So again, we found ourselves nursing for hours at a time, watching reruns of hot curling action or biathalon at 3am.

This time around, she's 2 and a half (officially, tomorrow). She's fascinated with divers and swimmers, and I'm sure she'll be mesmerized by the opening ceremonies, or at least ask us "why?" about everything. Just makes me feel kind of warm and fuzzy. If you think of the Olympics as a mile marker of sorts, we've come a long way from the last one.

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