25 August 2008

Joys of working from home #72

I wrote half a 1200 word article while watching Sesame Street with Natalie. Now we're off to the gym and meeting a friend at their pool, where I will be expecting a business call that I'll probably have to return poolside. Not because I'm trying to be 'that girl' doing work at the pool, but because it's a timing issue and the stuff as to be taken care of by COB today. And thank God for cell phones, because it means I'm not stuck at home waiting for a call, or waiting for an email (although I could probably pay the extra fee to get web access on my phone, I just refuse to be that reachable). I'll probably finish up that article this afternoon during Natalie's nap and while watching a Law & Order re-run with my feet up and sipping ice tea. You can't do that in a cubicle.

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