28 August 2008


I am actually looking forward to football season.

Growing up in a family with two parents who went to the University of Michigan, every single autumn saturday of my life was spent watching football and watching my parents scream at the TV. We always got to get take-out for lunch, which was a huge treat, usually hoagies or pizza from the local Italian place. And on sunday's mom would be attempting to conduct the church choir with absolutely no voice. Nice one, mom. Michigan fans are a unique bunch. I think ESPN was the reason we got cable back in the day, so they could watch games not being broadcast on network TV.

Now that I'm an adult, with a husband who went to a school with a halfway decent (most of the time) football team that is local and therefore broadcast on TV on the podunk UDC channels if not on national network or cable, I've sort of gotten back into it. Not that I actually care about the team, but there's something comfortable and familiar about watching football on a saturday in the fall. So much so, that I find myself a little bit excited that regular season play starts this weekend. I love the fall, so now that football is starting, school starting soon, it being cold and rainy today, all this combines to give me warm fuzzies, which are kind of nice for a thursday morning.


Jen said...

tee hee. My sister and BIL live in Michigan and BIL PROUDLY hangs out his Ohio State flag.

Katie said...

so how often have they gotten their house egged?