26 September 2008


Jim got laid off.

Nothing more to say, mostly because there's way too much stuff in my head. And of course I immediatly started thinking of all the comfort foods I love, so while I don't want to go to OA on saturday because I'll spend it crying my eyes out, I know I need to go because I can't eat my way through the upcoming weeks/months.

Good thing I was already planning on making everybody's christmas presents this year and I had already ordered a metric buttload of fabric (which came in and is AWESOME). And I guess getting that etsy shop up and running would be a good idea, not to mention maybe going through all the clothes I don't wear and ebaying some stuff...

Thank God I see my therapist on monday...

1 comment:

Jen said...

well, you already summed it up in one word (F*CK!) so what can I add?

Cry your eyes out at your meeting, I am sure that no one will be taken aback! But do GO.