24 September 2008


We awoke this morning when we heard a loud THUD on our bedroom window. A sparrow and flown right into the glass and was laying, dead, on the patio roof below. It's still there. Guess I need to get a broom or something and lean out the window the sweep the poor fellow over the side where we can then dispose of him properly, out behind the shed where I put the dead mouse a month ago. I'm sure the neighborhood cats will appreciate the treat. Still, it was kind of a freaky way to wake up.

On another note, I'm in denial that I'm getting sick. I've got that sick taste in my mouth and while my throat isn't sore, those glands are feeling funky back there. I'm sipping lots of hot tea, zinc, and vitamin c and will be napping while Natalie naps this afternoon. Provided she does nap this afternoon. She didn't on Monday and that just doesn't do me a lick of good. Especially since today Jim is going to a baseball game after work which means no daddy distraction in the evening. I'm flying solo all day and if I have a cranky non-napping toddler on my hands till bedtime, I might lose it.

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