07 September 2008

Nothing much to say

I have my period (cramps, headache, the usual), Jim is being an asshat, Natalie has been 2 and a half All Week Long, tomorrow is monday, I've got a mile of errands to do this week and no money to spend, and after the tropical fun of Hanna yesterday, I realized something very important: I do not own a raincoat. Haven't found one yet, but I did treat myself to some purple polka dotted rainboots from target. My reason was that I'll need them for co-op-ing as Natalie's teacher said they go out to play every single day and the playground has been re-graded twice but still has a mud issue in one corner. My kid will be the one to find that corner, so I might as well have boots with which to rescue her from it in. Does that sentance even make sense? Whatever. Must go make use of the quiet house - Jim actually agreed to stop whining about how we were out of diet dr. pepper and take the groccery list - AND THE TODDLER - and do a shop. Which means he'll be home soon with tons of things we don't need that weren't on the list, but at least we'll have milk and cheese and diet coke and I won't have had to drag a stubborn toddler with me to get it all.


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