09 October 2008

Continued Blech

Day 32, no period. As my mom says, "Women in our family tend to get pregnant when their husbands are out of work!" To which I think I shocked her when I told her, "Yes, but you have to have SEX to get pregnant." There's been none of that in this house for weeks. My breasts feel like I'm still nursing, they are so tender, and I'm having afternoon nauseau. No migranes or cramps, but still, I'm 97% sure this is PMS related and I know the stress of an unemployed husband isn't helping. Today I woke up with a killer back ache and I've been having insanely crazy dreams. Like going to Africa for work, but flying first class and taking Natalie, and being excited to go to the swimming store there that Michael Phelps shops at, but bummed that I can't go across the street to another country where there's a good restaurant, because that street is actually part of Australia and I didn't bring my passport. If that's not crazy, how about the fact that the geology department from my alma mater was also on the same flight as me. I never took a geo class in my 4 years there. I just hope I get my period soon so this insanity can all go away.

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