15 October 2008

End of week 3

Tomorrow marks three weeks since the layoff, so far, no jobs. No interviews, no nothing. However, the exposed basement part of our house has been painted, the rust has been chemically removed from the shed door and frame, new lights including motion sensor ones have been installed in the rear of the house/tenant's entrance, the interior wall of the basement where the eletricians were working has been sheetrocked (over the painted 70's era paneling), trimmed, and primed, and new windows will be installed in the basement (this is a walk out basement with big windows on two sides) this weekend. When we are scrambling for groccery money in a few months I'm going to point out to Jim how good the house looks, but remind him that we can't eat the leftover paint and dryway cement. He's been to home depot or the local harware store every day for at least the past week and a half. Starting to give me an ulcer.

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