01 October 2008

Hanging in there

We're on day 6 of Job Search '08. So far, no leads. Hahahahaha, like I really expected some. But he has filed for unemployment, made sure all the right signed papers were back at what is now his old job so he can get his severance check and we can have health insurance till the end of the year. He's updated his resume and started looking online for jobs and applying for whatever he can find in his field (HR). Enough friends know and are looking out for him, one even knows of a job opening in her company that hasn't been announced yet so she's getting details for him today.

I'm just trying to hold it together. Monday was hard, I think because I had a previously scheduled appointment with my therapist. Today I'm feeling a little better. Not great, but OK. Helps that my sinus infection is all but gone. Sweet people from OA have called to check on me which is so kind. Even that 2 minute phone call that says "How's your day going? You hanging in there?" means a lot. I've shared a lot with these women in the handful of saturdays I've known them, because they understand where the root of my struggle comes from. I got pissed at a nicorete gum commercial yesterday - "Nicorete gum can help control the cravings" and I'm thinking "Why the fuck can't they make a gum that can help control my cravings for ice cream and french fries?" It's so irrational it's frustrating. Actually, it's not irrational. I take that back. It's more a backward way of thinking - food can make you feel better. That's somewhat rational. Food does fill a hole, it's just that it's a never ending hole in your stomach and not the hole in your soul that you think you are fixing with food. Deep thoughts for a wednesday afternoon.

Jim and a neighbor (a contractor who blames the economy on why people keep backing out on him - "No, I think we'll wait till the new year to redo the kitchen/bathroom/basement love den" - and is desperate for work) are working on the house today with one of this neighbor's guys. they are scraping the exterior wood trim on our brick house in order to prime and paint it before winter. While a lot of our home repairs got put on hold, the trim had to get done since it was barely this side of rotting. Nice to help a neighbor out, he's cutting us a decent deal because Jim is handy and helping. They are also sledgehammering and ripping out the old brick BBQ in our yard. My mom doesn't understand why we aren't saving it, but the BBQ is rusted shut and the bricks are crumbling. It's down to a pile of rubble - they took one load in this guys truck to the dump already - and I'm amazed at how much bigger the yard looks without this 4ftx4ftx4ft cube in the middle. I just wish they had let me have a go with the sledgehammer.


HeatherB said...


I'm so sorry about Jim's job, I will keep you in my prayers that he finds something new soon!

I am really glad to hear that you are getting so much out of your OA meetings and that the women there are giving you IRL support. You know you can e-mail me anytime, but I know it's really not the same thing.

Sending you big (((HUGS))) and I'm sure Peyton would love to send Natalie a big hug too. Those two would have a ball together I think. :)

ParksLady said...

Hi Katie!

It's Katia from the WW boards :) Thought I'd check your blog to see what's new. Wow! So sorry to read about Jim losing his job. Totally stinks, but at least he's on the hunt. I'll keep my ears open via my buds in DC and if I hear of anything, I'll let you know.

Sounds like Natalie and Paige would be fast friends. I'm dealing with the same toddler issues! Hang in there...it will get better - I promise!

Take care!