29 October 2008


I have a pile of blog posts that I've started in the last few weeks, none that I've finished, many that I've half-heartedly abandoned.

Life in unemployement land continues to suck ass. At least the hyper-home repairs have stopped thanks to cold weather and my sister-in-law's birthday. Since we had some exterior work that had to be done before winter and her 40th birthday party was going to be on our back patio, Jim was insane, going to home depot or the local hardware store multiple times a day. At least the house looks awesome and the yard is shaping up in a way that we'll be able to plant more grass seed during those first weeks of spring when the ground begins to thaw. The party went great, she was thrilled to pieces, and the best part was the fire pit we borrowed from friends. Nothing makes a party more awesome than a bonfire in the burbs with smores.

Health wise, I've been on glucophage for almost 2 weeks now and already we're seeing improvements. Was at the GYN today for a follow up to my yearly exam from the 13th; since starting the glucophage, my uterus that was not even close to producing a period is ripening just fine now, hopefully something will happen since it's 52 days since my last one and we know there's nothing growing in there (fetal or otherwise). I'm feeling better in general, I've been able to watch my diet more since I know this med is going to work. My ovaries were nice and polycystic, too. Most exciting, we saw a fibroid on my sonogram which is all kinds of fun, since my mom had a hysterectomy at age 41 because her fibroids made her uterus the size of one at 5 months gestation. Nice. Mine is singular, not teeny, but not big. So we'll see what happens. I figure at least we can see it now and keep an eye on things in there to make sure what happened to mom doesn't happen to me. Or at least catch it before it gets out of control, especially with laproscopic procedures and such that they can do to rid a uterus of these pesky little intruders.

Most fun, my very very good friend and neighbor had her baby last thursday. Little Mollie is scrumptious in that way all wrinkly little newborns are. I have yet to snuggle her, but I may head over there tonight for a cuddle. She's got long eye lashes and big feet and nurses like a champ. Which means the amount of poop this child is putting out is shocking my friend to no end. Always amazing how such adorable little teeny bodies can produce such massive quantitites of excrement. We've all rallied and coordinated meals for their family for the week, which is nice to help out. I know these ladies would do it for me (and hopefully, sometime next year, it will be my turn).

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