18 November 2008

2 and 3/4

What with all the hormones and everything of late, I never got around to posting for Natalie's 2 year and 9 month "birthday." She's cute, and tremendously stubborn, annoying, tempermental, and frustrating all at once. Fortunately (for her and my sanity) the cuteness is at an all time high. Lately she likes to play kangaroo, where she sits on my lap and pulls a blanket across her chest like a mama kangaroo's pocket. And we'll have entire conversations refering to each other as mama kangaroo and baby kangaroo. She also is obsessed with "Olivia Forms a Band" and the section where Olivia goes to put on make-up before going to see the fireworks. Natalie insists on re-enacting this scene everytime we get in the car. She takes the chapstick I keep in the front storage receptical, smears it on her lips and beyond and says "wipe that glop off your face right now, young lady!" Laughs hysterically, and then sometimes she'll ask for a tissue to wipe it off. We also spell a lot these days, and Jim and I were mentioning how T-I-R-E-D someone was. "T-R-D?" she says back? "Do you know what T-I-R-E-D means?" "It means nap time." Classic. Like the time she told me her name was "Natalie Claire Stop-it."

(PS - this is not a leftover summer picture, it was taken last weekend, when we were at the bay, and it was 72 degrees out. Now they are under a winter weather advisory, so I guess it all evens out in the end, but still, sand castle weather in November is awesome.)

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HeatherB said...

"Natalie Claire Stop It" totally classic!! :)

In other news glad your period finally arrived.