28 November 2008

In the spirit of...

Today is day 3 of sick Natalie. It's no fun. She's so not herself. At least her fever has somewhat broken - it's only in the 100-101 range instead of the 103-104 range. She doesn't want to eat much of anything (although she did down some turkey, tomatos, and broccoli at dinner yesterday), and she's hardly drinking. I was worried about her dehydration yesterday, but she's had two wet diapers already today and finished off about 6oz of orange juice. Poisoned orange juice, that is. I swear yesterday was like one of those spy movies where the poison is in one of the drinks and it's all suspenseful as characters start taking the wrong cup and you lose track of the poison and wonder who's going to get it. We had almost a whole shelf in the fridge with orange juice, chocolate milk, yogurt, sorbet, cranberry sauce - all laced with amoxicillin. It's like she's got radar for the stuff and would refuse to touch anything we had spiked, which we did behind her back while one person distracted her and the other added a teaspoon of medicine to her beverage or food. Problem was the food she did eat is kind of hard to hide pink bubble gum flavoring to. I think she'd be suspicious of pink turkey. I did wonder if we could inject it into cherry tomatos...she pops those like an addict pops percocet. We've had to force a dosage into her twice - one of us holding her down and one squirting into her cheeks. Vomited it up both times. Not because she didn't swallow it, but because she was in such a state that I couldn't calm her down fast enough before she got into such a tizzy and horked it all up anyway.

But I'm thankful for a pediatritian who was in the office on a holiday that I could call to ask for help. Thankful for access to medicine, and a roof over our heads to keep us comfortable as well rest and heal.

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