17 December 2008

A few thoughts

#1 - depression sucks, as usual.
#2 - retail therapy is good, except when you step back and look at just how much retail therapy you've been doing
#3 - keeping busy is good, until you start to bite off more than you can chew and wonder when it's all going to get done
#4 - someone seems to think that when there aren't any diapers, she'll wear big girl panties; till then, don't bother her with such triffle, she has 4 pretend mice to take care of under the dining room table.
#5 - christmas + unemployement = suckiness
#6 - waiting for my period, only day 30, so not many worries yet.
#7 - looking forward to my pap smear next week, the one retesting due to atypical cells on my last one.
#8 - i dream of 12 hours home alone in my house
#9 - i've also been dreaming about having sex with old guy friends (not necessarily boyfriends, just guys i've known). not day dreams, but actual vivid night dreams that are i remember so clearly it's kind of freaking me out. hoping it has to do with hormones and a period that's about to arrive.
#10 - opening a bottle of good wine for no reason other than it's a tuesday is very nice.

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Jen said...

KATIE: I want to send you my goat's rue and want to know if you want my shatavari too. The goat's rue expires in 2013; maybe you will have use for it by then? The shatavari you could use now; it makes a very good nourishing drink for fertility - maybe it would help you get pregnant?! (I got pregnant while on it!) It's staring at me and no one local wants it. Anything we could trade for it? Let me know! I would have contacted you via e-mail but you have no e-mail address posted in your profile...