11 December 2008

Losing my mind

Someone, all 27lbs of her, has been driving me CRAZY. Every. Thing. Is A Battle. And I'm ready to throw in the towel and not argue or cajole or plead or beg anymore, but Jim isn't of the same mind. So I end up being the bad cop, she'll do anything for him, but I'm the one with her All The Time. Sure, he's unemployed and around a lot, but is he the one getting her ready for bed? Fixing her meals? Sitting with her while she attempts for the 14th time in one day to pee on the potty? No. It's me. And I've had it. Thankfully we're headed to grandma and grandpa's for Christgiving. Or Thanksmas. You decide. A whole weekend with two extra adults to thrust her upon, as well as a small hyper dog to help keep her occupied. I've got a good book (Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie) and plan on hiding out in my old room a lot. Don't know what Jim plans on doing during that time, but he's not going to be near me.

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