22 January 2009


We had a solid week+ of wicked cold weather here, making it kind of hard to spray paint. But today, the sun was out, it hit 40, and tomorrow is supposed to be even nicer, so I can finish up. Suffice it to say, the dollhouse is done, save the doors, which have been primed, but need their top coat, then the whole thing gets another go of clear coat and we're golden. The doors will be green like the roof. Not to shabby, and much cheerier than the circa 1990s version we started with. All for about $40 in supplies. And $40 in additional dollhouse furniture (no bathroom! we had to fix that), but $30 of that is going to be birthday presents from her cousins. So $50 total. And a lot of nights staying up late painting and inhaling fumes, but I wouldn't trade it. It was fun and to see the joy on Natalie's face when she gets this (either for pooping on the potty or her birthday, which ever comes first) is going to be fantastic. I'm also fantasizing about the hours of quiet there will be in our house while she plays with it.

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