02 January 2009

Happy Belated New Year!

My resolutions:

1) 12 months, 12 steps - really try to get this OA stuff to stick

2) fit into at least one pair of pre-Natalie pants by next New Years

3) cook more with less meat (should be easy, I only cook carniverously about half the time anyway)

4) finally open my etsy.com shop

5) paint more

6) not lose any more of my sanity than I've already lost

7) come up with more ways to make money on my own doing things I love

8) perfect my Adobe skills

9) learn to see the good in Natalie even when she's making me want to rip my hair out

10) go on vacation with Jim someplace that doesn't involve family

I think these are all pretty realistic. New years was totally uneventful, my parents had come out for the day to do Christmas presents and the like with us. Took them out to lunch (they paid, but we picked the restaurant) at Lebanese Taverna. My parents really do hit the stereotype of suburban fuddy-duddy's stuck in their ways. If it was up to them, we would have been at Ruby Tuesdays (although I must say they have a kick-ass turkey burger). Instead, we instroduced them to shwarma, hummus, tabouleh, falaffal, and other yummies. Dad is ready to go back and try more, mom, I think she just tolerated it.

We do have a date to look forward to, tonight we're going to dinner and a movie. Or a movie then dinner is the more accurate description. There are birthdays coming up and new babies just born that need cuddling and lots of newness and fresh-starts going on. I need to ride that wave and make changes in my life, and just keep praying with all my might that Jim gets a job soon before I crash.

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