09 January 2009

Up to trouble

If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, then I qualify. So do toddlers, so maybe that definition isn't the best.

Natalie got a hand-me-down doll house a while ago. It's a Fisher-Price "Loving Family" dollhouse circa 1993. I kind of hate it but it was FREE. She hasn't seen it yet, as it is going to be her surprise when she gets to the end of her potty chart (one sticker each time she uses the toilet. It's not working but we're so far into it I don't think we can change the rules. But that's another blog post). It is all pale pink, pale teal, and light blue. Hideous. Got lots of people and furniture with it. I decided to buy some paint pens and color them in. That was all well and good and made everything look substantially less ugly. Then I looked at the house. Can't put bright and cheery accessories in this sad dated old house, so I decided to paint it too. Problem: Cursed Plastic. I was able to pop out all the window frames. Great. Those can be spray painted, or at least spray primed. The roof however, in all it's light teal vomit inducing splendor was another story. I contemplated taping it off and spray painting it, but there are so many little nooks and crevices that it would be tricky. So I bought some craft paint. It didn't say it didn't paint on plastic, so I gave it a go. Scrapes off. Have coated it once with clear acrylic. That scrapes off too, but you have to work a little harder. I primed the windows and have painted them with one coat of craft paint. So far so good, but we'll see when they are all dry. I then realized that I only primed the outside of the windows, forgetting that you'll see the inside of them when the dollhouse is open. Oops. Am debating what to do. Damn it if it isn't January with more wet weather in our forecast. Makes spray painting tricky. I'm thinking of scraping everything off the roof (which is a lovely forest/olive green) and going with plan A (Taping off all cracks and crevices and painting the roof). Then spraying over what I painted with the windows with the right shade of paint for inside and out. Or screwing the entire thing all together, scraping off the paint that isn't going to stick, and painting the whole fucking thing inside and out white. Crisp clean white. It'll be like a modernist sculpture or something.

I couldn't have just left it the way it is. Natalie doesn't care. She's going to be thrilled pantsless to see it, especially as we're going to move an old end table into her room so she can play with it on there. Have I mentioned I got scrapbooking paper (That's another kind of crack I'm so glad I haven't gotten into...) to use with modpodge for wall paper and flooring? This dollhouse has turned into a beast. I understand now why the dollhouse I had (and didn't really play with, I think because I was older when my parents gave it to me and I was more into decorating it than pretending with it), which is wooden and my dad put together, is not allowed out of my parents house. After the amount of work and time I'm putting into this thing, I might not be able to bring myself to allow Natalie to play with it.


julie machen said...

Thank the lord Nat's taking her time on the chart. You've got quite the project there! May the force be with you.

Staci said...

Katiya~What about using the spray paint in a can for plastics?

You could still tape off the roof and the windows that popped off would be easy to do.

We've used the Plastics spray pain from Krylon & it works great. I didn't have to prime it either...but was going with the same general color.

Just an idea.
GOOD LUCK! With the potty & the doll house! :)