05 February 2009


Mother-in-law visiting. Losing mind. Woman has a heart of gold but man, she's a piece of work. If I have to hear her complain about a migraine one more time, I may shoot myself. Not that I don't have sympathy for migraine sufferers, but when you have a list of triggers in your wallet that your doctor gave you, that you talk about all the time, but blatently IGNORE, then my sympathy dwindles every time. Like complaining about a migraine you think was caused by the "triptophan in the pizza" you ate at the mall, after refusing my requests to fix you a sandwich, heat up some soup, microwave some leftover veggie chilli, yougert, granola bar, fruit, make you a salad, etc. Hmm. Whatever. Not my problem to fix, it's just hard to ignore when it's someone in your house All Day Long, complaining.

Deep breaths, I will survive.

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