12 March 2009


Am tired, overwhelmed, and going on vacation next week. If you can call it a vacation since there will be 8 adults and 5 kids sharing a house at the beach in North Carolina. All members of Jim's family. Many of whom are great, some of whom drive me up a wall. Still, it's a change of scenery, a chance to let other people care for Natalie (like cousins), I have a book or six, my anti-anxiety meds, and we are 600ft from the beach. Guess where I will be spending much of my time? They may have to drag me from the beach each night kicking and screaming. Although there might be enough bedrooms that I could have my own. At worst, they all have king sized beds, so Jim can be a mile away.

Still haven't figured out a way to tell Jim we ARE going to marriage counseling. Never seems to be the right time, and now we're headed into vacation week with HIS family. Great. Hard to put on a happy face when you are married to someone emotionally and verbally abusive. There. Said it. It sucks.

I'll be back.

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