30 March 2009

New Week

Starting off the week without a toddler isn't too bad. I post this while taking a break from work...If I stare at the damn spreadsheet any longer my eyes are going to cross. Natalie is playing at a friend's house from school. I'm paying her mother with a big bottle of gin for the favor. She's probably goint to take Natalie for me for a few monday's untill I get something more permanat figured out. A friend and I may do a nanny share on fridays. Having been a nanny in a past life, I find that wierd, but then again, I don't think my 22 year old self could have imagined life like it is now - swamped with work, dealing with a schmuck of a husband, depression, and a three year old thrown in for fun. Having a nanny once a week for 6-8 hours will be HEAVEN. Besides getting a leg up on work, I might actually start cleaning my house with regularity. Imagine! What luxury! There's something about knowing there is a block of time ahead where you will not be the one responsible for your child that is so freeing...I think of all the closests I can clean out, the junk I can put on ebay or craigslist or freecycle to get rid of...And the tax write off! In doing taxes this year, I had no idea you could write off child care if it was performed for you while doing work!!

So much on my mind, but right now, I need to get back to work so I can swing by the groccery before picking Natalie up. Imagine, groccery shopping alone for a change - I bet I can be in and out of there in 10 minutes! Whee!

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