14 April 2009


So the craziest thing happened the other day: I got my period on day 29 of my cycle. And it would not be an exaguration to say that I think this is the FIRST TIME EVER I've gotten my period in a "normal" amount of time. The closest I've come to this before is a period that came every 5-7ish weeks, starting and stopping a few days later on its own, and repeating for a little over a year. That was close to 9 years ago. I have my fingers crossed that my period will now stop on its own, but for now, I'm simply in shock as to have gotten my period at all without help. Well, not entirely without help. I've been on metformin for almost 6 months now. I remember reading somewhere that it could take up to 6 months to be fully effective in your system. Well, I guess that is the truth in my situation. I almost can't believe it's true!! For once, something is working. PCOS be damned, I will get my body back where I want it.

In other news, I have a new blog, devoted to sewing and all things crafty. That one will be written so that my mom and husband could read it, unlike this one. Heh heh heh :)
Come visit!

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