30 April 2009

Day 4

Treated myself to a salad from chipolte today for lunch...with STEAK! I cannot get enough red meat it seems. Anyway, it was tasty and satisfying and kept my mind from wandering to the popeye's or arby's which were also on my way home from running errands. The salad was probably a million and a half calories since I said "yes please!" to the sour cream and cheese on top - do I get points for not having any dressing on it? Yeah, didn't think so. Oh well. The only sugar/carbs I've had these days is from cheese, glorious cheese. Going out to dinner with friends tonight and I wouldn't have agreed to it if I didn't know that the choosen restaurant has an awesome goat cheese and tomato salad. Gotta say, my #2's have been something else lately. I really think I've been overdoing the spinach. Oops. Must cut back a little on the leafy greens...
I did step on the scale at the gym yesterday and holy mother of pete, that number was HUGE. Like 2lbs away from the weight I was the day I checked into the hospital to give birth. And I had gained 60lbs with my pregnancy. Nice. Oh well...I figure it can only come down. I'll step on the scale again in either (a) a month or (b) if I notice I have to cinch my belt more to keep my pants up. I'm hoping (b) comes first, because even if there isn't much/any weight loss at that point, at least I'll know I'm heading in the right direction for more wardrobe options!

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