06 April 2009


Nothing like getting a gift certificate for three sessions with a personal trainer for a valentine's day gift. Sure, some would enjoy this. I saw it as a dig. I work out as often as I can (which sadly isn't as often as I'd like, but it's still in the 4+ days a week range which isn't too shabby and I've learned not to beat myself up for the days when I don't make it out to do anything). I'm an ex-swimmer and ex-rower who has been athletic and active my whole life. I just also have this horrid combination of shit in my life making it miserably hard to lose weight - PCOS, thyorid, depression, a needy toddler, and a schmuck of a husband who thinks personal training sessions are a good idea to give someone who is in my current state. Regardless, my PT also has PCOS, and while she's the wellness director at the Y and doesn't usually do PT, she took me on because she understands where I am. So much to Jim's chagrin, we're not coming up with some grand weightloss plan, or doing massive amounts of cardio on top of weights. No, she decided to come up with a bunch of different circuts of 3-4 exercizes each that I can then walk away with after our three sessions and do on my own (it'll be like 3 circuts for legs, 3 for upperbody, and 3 for ans/core), mix'n'match, do at home even since they are more resistance based and not on machines. Something to shake it up a little and switch up my routine.

As we've been working together twice now, she asked on friday if I'd ever consider teaching classes, since my form is so good and I obviously know what I'm doing. A compliment if I ever heard one from someone who is in the wellness profession to someone who is a giant blob right now. Apparently there is more muscle underneath the fat than I thought since I'm doing pretty well with these work outs and she's pushing me more than she expected she would.

So take that, Jim. You think I need a personal trainer and the personal trainer thinks I should consider doing training myself. Ha! I wish he could come to my last session next week with me...he wouldn't be able to walk afterwards...especially if we do those lunge walks with the medicine ball again...my ass is still feeling it three days later...but in a good way!

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Staci said...

Hey Katia!
Sorry to hear you're having a tough go right now.

I totally think you SHOULD take him! Make him SEE what you're doing!

Is training something you think you'd be interested in doing?

If so, you should go for it! Do what makes you happy!
There's also the flexibility & money making opportunity that would be a win win. :)

I also think your esty shop would do well! You are very talented!

Good luck to you!

(former WW/kitchen member)