20 May 2009

Big Girl

I realize I've gotten out of the habit of posting about Natalie, instead choosing to focus all about ME! ME ME ME!!! OK, she's three, the monthly milestones aren't as dramatic as they were 2+ years ago. Plus, PCOS, eating sugar free, and all that crap have kind of invaded my thoughts constantly and in order to clear my head I find I need to write it down here. Which is good. I'm on day 38 of my cycle, I've been PMS-y since about day 26, I just finished my progesterone yesterday so hopefully in a few days I'll finally get my period. Just in time to be at the bay (beach = bathing suit = sucks) memorial day weekend. Great.

Anyway, here's a pic of the little lady, who shows signs of being fiercely independent like her mother. She dressed herself, and yes, that is a cardigan UNDER her shirt. She's also listening to a little "Single Ladies" on my ipod, which she then sang to herself the rest of the morning. Nice.

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