16 May 2009

Day 22

A new word for the dieters lexicon: Splendenima

One of the pitfalls of going off sugar and carbs combined with a diminishing sense of hope that my hormones were working the right way on their own after 6 months of help from the metformin is overdoing the sugar free chocolate pudding cups. My period is a week "late" (no, not pregnant), and I've been PMS-y for a week and a half now. Headaches, occasional cramps, irritability, and everyone's favorite: Chocolate cravings. I've still been sticking mostly to my food plan, I'd say I'm about 75% on target. I don't snack as much, nor do I crave muchies between meals. I haven't eaten half a bag of hershey's kisses in weeks, nor have I inhaled a baked good at lightening speed in 22 days. But that 19 menstrual cycle last go around seems to have been a fantasy, leading me on like cheap hooker that good things were bound to come and then they didn't. Haven't. I'm on my 3rd day of progesterone to induce a period. Usually I'd wait till at least 6-7 weeks to start the progesterone, but the PMS is so obvious I can't stand the thought of waiting that long. I'm hoping that when it does come, I'll go back to feeling more human again. Just sucks that for a chunk of time every few weeks I'm a wreck, and that that chunk of time could be 2-3 days like it is for many women, I bet, or 2-3 weeks in my case. Sucks sucks sucks.

Guess I'll be calling my friendly neighborhood gyno soon for a visit, especially since I have no more refills left for the progesterone. At the rate I'm going, I'll be taking it for a while longer still.

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