04 May 2009

Day 8

I sucked the cheese off Natalie's macaroni the other day. Then I spit the un-cheesed pasta into the trash. Classy, I tell ya.

Had a piece of pizza last night. Yummy. Now the dang thing is no longer in the freezer staring at me everytime I open the freezer door. And Jim has strict orders to never buy one again, even if it is on a huge sale.

Despite the rain, I have plans to grill up a pack of sirloins I got on sale, some chicken, and some sausage. Then freeze for ready made protein. I'll make a chunky vegetable tomato sauce and put sausage chunks in there. I'll eat as-is, Jim and Natalie can have some pasta with theirs I suppose. Chicken and steak go on salads, but I'm cutting back my spinach intake a smidge, if you know what I mean. Blue cheese dressing was on sale so I'm stocked on that, but am out of goat cheese. Why?! Discovered that a scoop of guacamole on top of veggie chilli is delish. Like putting yougert on top of curried lentils. Mmmm...must get more of those, too.

Big craft fair at friend's school is next weekend... can't believe I have a table and many many things I've made to sell! Kind of exciting and scary all at the same time. I just need to recoup costs, any extra goes to something fun of my choosing, I just don't know what yet. Lots of details HERE. Whee!

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