27 May 2009

Day Who the Fuck Cares

I've got a call into my doctor.

I've gone down hill ever since the PMS hit 2+ weeks ago. It sucks. I felt so *good* for a while there, starting in early april, getting my period in 29days, being tired and exhausted but actually being able to say I feel *good* was fantastic. My diet was easy for the first time in forever, I don't know why, it just was. I stuck to my food plan with minimal if any strayings, and it was OK. Things were not calling my name from the fridge for the first time in forever. Then pms hit. Fine. I took it as a sign that my period was just around the corner. Nothing. Nothing for a week and a half. then 5 days of progesterone, 5mg in the morning and 5mg again at night. Hopped up on hormones is real fun, especially when you throw in a marriage counseling session on day five. I was cranky, irritable, just wanted my period to come because I knew I'd feel better. Well, it came. Of course when I was visiting my parent's in their little small town on the bay with 350 year round residents. Had to drive to the next town over, the one with the stop sign and a genral store/gas station/post office to buy their one box of tampons. Heaviest period in ages for me. Not since I had that clot in my uterus 10months post partum. Had to have mom rescue me at the beach with additional supplies before I left a red ass print on my beach chair.

Aside from the bloating being a bit better, I still have my period, and I feel even shittier than I did a week ago, and that's with a long weekend away inbetween where I had no responsibities except breathing, napping, and catching up on some reading. So a call into my gynos office. We'll see what she has to say. We'll see if I can make it through the appointment without bursting into tears.

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Mendie said...

wow...that really sucks. Sorry it bombarded you while on vacay. Doesn't mother nature know about timing!!! geesh! Hope you get some relief from the dr.