29 May 2009

Good end

My faith is pretty strong, I believe God does things for a reason, that this grand universe isn't just some coincidental arrangement of matter. However, there are times, when I feel like there is a such a thing as karma, and it is on my side. Take tonight, for instance. I had a hell of a day - my babysitter crapped out on me for the 2nd or third time - no show, no call. I had piles of work to do and an over tired toddler on my hands who wouldn't rest, let a long take a nap. I ended up getting nothing done except spend a relatively calm hour playing dominos with Natalie. By the time Jim came home, I need to get OUT or I was going to have to pop another lorazapam which I already did once this week and like to try and avoid if at all possible. I had some proofs that needed to get fedexed, so I threw them in the car, hit the fedex office by way of target so I could get some packing tape b/c I always seem to lose the one roll we have in the house. Made it there just as the truck was getting loaded up for the night. Sweet! Figured I'd call Jim, see if they went for a walk or something, considered stopping somewhere to wander before going right home. Jim didn't answer which meant to me that I shouldn't go home yet.

As I was waiting at a light, poking around inside his car which I normally don't drive, I found a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card. It had a "I voted" sticker on it, so I know it was at least from November. And look! There's a Barnes a Nobles two blocks off the road I'm taking home! I pop in, check to see how much is left on the card and guess what? It's still worth $25!! 20minutes of trolling the shelves and I had two paperbacks to purchase. Perfect pool reading (as I have this thing about not taking library books places like the pool or beach where they could get ruined) for the summer!

And it gets better! I get home, find Natalie in her pajamas with a book picked out to read, and also find out that she peed all over the couch (never happened before) and JIM HAD TO CLEAN IT UP. How many times in the past 3 years have I changed bedding that has been peed on? Too many to count. How many times has he done that? ZERO. I felt so...justified. It was the final little push of hope that the universe hasn't forgotten me that I needed. A little breather out by myself, to come home and find a mess that I DIDN'T HAVE TO DEAL WITH. Ahhhh....almost as good as a big glass of wine to relax one's soul.

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