17 August 2009

What does it take?

To rid ones self of sugar, carbs, bad eating habits, etc.? I keep thinking in another world my house would be devoid of food, I wouldn't have to run errands around places that sell goodies, I'd be able to do the things that make me happy (painting, sewing) all day and therefore not have thoughts of chocolate running amongst my grey matter 24/7, and there'd be a gourmet vegeterian chef to cook me three meals a day plus snacks of delishious tasty food that is not salad 9 times out 10.

But how is a real person supposed to do it? When I'm stressed and overworked and tired and achy and PMSy and just want some chocolate fucking ice cream? When I'm too tired to actually make something for dinner and would rather just have a bowl of cereal? When I get a flat tire and just want to pull my car into the nearest deli because I deserve a big chicken salad sandwich on an everything bagel for having to deal with all that in the august heat and humidity? What is that person supposed to do?

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