12 March 2010

Bad blogger

It's been ages since I've posted here. I'm wondering if I should starting posting more again. It is cathartic, afterall, to get my thoughts and feelings out of my system and not dwell on things. Then again, when do I have time? It's been ages since I've just sat at the computer and did nothing. I'm either working my ass off at the paid job or working my ass off at my photography, refining my online presence/portfolios, working on pics from my latest job (which I've had a few of and more in the works this spring!). My five year plan means officially calling myself a photographer and ditching the salaried job that gives me headaches. My two year plan is to be making enough extra from my photography that we no longer need to rent out our basement apartment and can therefore turn that space into a family room and office/guest room. That also requires enough money in savings to buy a few more pieces of furniture to help with the spread-out. Maybe by then we'd even have another munchkin in the house so my office could turn into a nursery. Wishful thinking...the infertility is sucking a lot lately. I'm so over due for a period that even with taking provera I haven't managed to induce one yet. It's been 8 days or ramped up hormones and PMS waiting...waiting...and still nothing. I bet if I put on a pair of white pants and went out in public I'd get it in an instant. Perhaps that's not that crazy of an idea...I'm that desperate for something to start happening down there.