13 January 2011

Baby Watch 2011

Oh my, bad blogger. I know. Baby #2 is emminent...as in if she's not here in 15 days she's being forceably evicted. I'm ripe and stretched and sooooo ready to get her out. Not so much because this pregnancy has sucked (it hasn't, although the last month or two have really been pushing my limit), but because I want to MEET her! I want to see that sweet face, to hold her, nurse her, play with all ten fingers and ten toes. I want to see if she has hair or is bald like her sister, to see who she looks like. I just want her out. In due time...

What's ironic is that we found out I was pregnant the day after my last post, the day before I went to say goodbye to my grandmother. Which meant we got to tell her she was going to be a greatgrandmother again, bringing so much joy at her last moments, that two weeks later when we were at the funeral, people kept coming up and congratulating us. I guess those who saw her on her few lucid days heard the news, and it spread like wildfire. Nothing to bring a tear of joy to your eye like the circle of life.